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Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing and managing your social media is no longer an option for businesses it is a necessity. You are probably using social media for your business, but how is it working? What business does it generate you? Do you know what to post or tweet and when?

The growth of Twitter and Facebook is well documented for personal use but 57% of small businesses use social media to market themselves with Facebook taking precedence.

MarketiseMe can create, manage and market your social media platforms for you, using expert knowledge in how to post, what to post and when to post although social media is not just about Facebook as Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Youtube are also useful platforms to market your business and increase brand awareness?

Social media profiles can also increase your exposure through search engines but which ones will work for you? MarketiseMe can advise on the best platforms for your business. So whether you need a Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn profile creating or you need your social media platforms managing, MarketiseMe can help bring your business into the digital age.

Active = £200.00 pm 1 post per week on both platforms.
Management = £400.00 pm 3 post per week on both platforms, respond to post, tweet and retweet.
Marketing = £800.00 pm 3 post per week on both platforms, respond to post, tweet and retweet, targeted ads.


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